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In This Moment

Just something I finally got around to finishing.  My first time trying the 2nd person POV and I really like it!  :]

In This Moment
Tokyo DOGS drabble
Sou Takakura x Yuki Matsunaga
Episode 7 (I believe?  I'm too lazy to go back & check)

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Green Grass Under a Blue Sky

It's been more than a year since I've posted in my LJ.  I swear I didn't mean to neglect it on purpose. D;  Life is stupid and unpredictable, and so is my muse.  There are tons of barely started and unfinished pieces lying on my laptop collecting dust, like this little piece here.

It amazes me how, even after a year or two not keeping up with the fandom, I still enjoy (and adore) writing Yamaki so much.  Probably one of my ultimate OTPs.  Ever.  That's saying a lot coming from me.  This was written for the 1sentence challenge that I enjoy writing for because I'm too lazy to even finish a drabble and single sentences are easier to manage.  Oh, and because it's so fun to try and break all English writing conventions about comma, colon, semi-colon, and hyphen use (or abuse, in this case). :]

Green Grass Under a Blue Sky
Set:  Gamma
Pairing:  Yamaki
Rating: T (references to adult themes, I suppose?)
Summary:  Of love, growth, decay, and renewal.
A/N:  Sentences listed in chronological order.  Will be x-posted to 1sentence.

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Quivering Lips, Trembling Hearts

 First update in months, and I present my newest OTP!  I finished watching "Tokyo DOGS" and that show is epic. Seriously as epic as Kurosagi and NWP at some parts. I never thought I would say this: but I have a crush on Oguri Shun after watching that drama (Sorry, Yamapi). More accurately, it would be his character Takakura Sou (I'm really really sorry Kurosaki, but this guy has guns!). And of course, I fell in love with the idea of Sou and the female lead, Matsunaga Yuki. They're just so adorable together, and he flips her. Epic.

I tried to write a drabble for them but it didn't get anywhere, so I decided to start with something small: a one sentence challenge. It was fun getting back into writing mode again. :]

This one is for missiemae , who motivated me to write again. I hope you enjoy it, even though it's not one of my regular OTPs (cough, Yamaki/Kurosaki).

Relatively unrelated sentences. I guess numbers 27-50 can be viewed as inter-related (they were also my favorites to write).

Crossposted to 1sentence 

Quivering Lips, Trembling Hearts
Tokyo DOGS
Takakura Sou x Matsunaga Yuki
Genre: Romance
Rating: G to mild R.
Delta set
Summary: The progress between an amnesiac and her protector.

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Of a Thousand Moments

 I'm back after more than half a year.  Wowies, that's a long time.  I haven't been writing as much as I would have liked.  Life and college work makes sure I don't have the inspiration or time for it anymore.  Although I do have a few fics sitting in my computer waiting to be finished.  I will do my best and hopefully get back into writing mode again. :]

I joined the je_whiteday  het fic exchange this year and I'm very happy I did.  It was a great experience and my gift fic from kohee was just lovely (can be read here.)  So here I am posting my own fic I wrote for frostbittenlove .  It's my first time writing a crossover, so any comments and critiques are greatly appreciated. 

As always, enjoy. :]

Of a Thousand Moments
Kurosaki / Yoshikawa Tsurara / Serizawa Naoto 
Kurosagi / Maou drama crossover fic
Genre:  Romance
Summary:  A detective, a prosecutor, and a swindler in love.

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 I'm baacckkkk, and I've come bearing a TsuKuro drabble.  I've recently been rewatching Kurosagi and rediscovering with every episode just exactly why I'm so in love with it and with this lovely OTP (asides from the fact that Kurosaki/Yamapi is a sexy, quirky, adorable beast).  I just love their interactions together....how cute they are when they quarrel, just like a married couple. And gahhh...all that angst too!  Episode 7!  Diieeeesss....I don't think I cried the first time I watched this episode..but I couldn't help myself this time!  It was so...bittersweet.  When you thought they were taking a step in the right direction they take a step backward....but not.  Yeah, that made total sense.

But anyhoos, that's just mindless chatter about my obsession over Kurosagi.

And OMG has anyone watched NewS's "Never Ending Wonderful Story" yet???  I know, I'm so late, but it's better late than never, right?  I was dying from the NewS cuteness and Yamapi and Koyama/Shige being dorks and Yamapi.  Did I mention Yamapi? xD  And I was actually crying towards the end of the DVD...because now I realized how much they've been through.  Seeing them thanking their fans over and over with tears in their eyes because they're finally back on stage together again...ugh...why are they so amazing?  Which makes me sad because I don't want my DBSK boys to ever have to disband.  [Crosses fingers]  Must keep thinking positive thoughts for them!

Ah, I'm sorry for the rambling.  I just need to get that out of my system. xD  And without further ado, I present:

Tsukuro drabble
Genre:  Romance
Summary:  He was all about details.


[Gasp] An update! No way!

I know...I'm such a jerk. And to think I planned to write/post more during the summer, too. I've just been so busy with life. But the good news is I'm here to offer a little fic while I'm away. I'll be leaving for India in less than 2 days!!!! Yayyyy! That means 2 weeks of no internet. Dx Oh, the horror!

I'm feeling kinda iffy about this one (like I always do about everything I write. ><;)  And just a warning, this is the closest I've written to smut, (don't worry, it's far from it, but still) so if it's kinda weird, sorry.  And one more thing...if you find this totally pointless, it's because it originally started with me wanting to write about a drunk!Kurosaki. xD  Consider it PWP with a sad attempt to salvage a lack of storyline at the end.

TsuKuro oneshot/drabble
Genre: Romance
Warning: Adult situations
Summary: Kurosaki never gets drunk. Never. There must be a reason for his drunken state, right?

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No Matter

 It's been so long since I've posted a TsuKuro fic...so here's one!  It's been a while since I've written this...and I'm feeling kina iffy about it.  So please, any feedback is very greatly appreciated. ^^

Muchos gracias~

No Matter
TsuKuro drabble
Genre:  Romance
Summary:  And she realizes, it didn't matter anymore.

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To Remember

 A Sesshoumaru and Kagome oneshot I wrote for the ebony_silks weekly theme challenge this past week.  And I got third place!!!  YAYYYYY!!!  Considering how great the entries were, I'm super happy. ^^

To Remember
Sesshoumaru/Kagome oneshot
Genre:  Angst, slight Comfort, and a tiny tiny amount of Romance
Theme:  Nightshade
Word Count:  1153
Universe:  Canon, after the series ends
Summary:  Although she wishes she couldn't, she remembers.

The Story Has Just Begun pt. 2

Epilogue.  Like I mentioned in the previous post, this was kind of hard for me to write.  Feed back?  Please?  Thanks!

As always, enjoy!

Not a Fairy Tale
TsuKuro drabble/oneshot
Genre:  Romance
Summary:  Perhaps, in the end, she did succeed.

The Story Has Just Begun pt. 1

Hi!  Plot bunnies got me.  So I'm probably gonna update a little more frequently soon....but no promises.

I present to you my version of the prologue and epilogue of Kurosagi.  I thought I'd try to give some closure to our lovely Tsukuro.  Hopefully I did ok, because the epilogue was hard for me to write.  Why do I have so much trouble writing happy stuff?! ><  I sound like such a sadist. xD

LJ is being a bitch and is making post them separately.  Stupid "post too large."  Blah.  But anyways, here's the prologue.  I will post the epilogue shortly after this.


Tears of the Sun (Prologue)
TsuKuro drabble/oneshot
Genre:  Romance
Summary:  Perhaps the first time they met wasn't at the train station that fateful day.

All I hear is the never ending rain.Collapse )